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15 lutego, 2015

Trinitarian Statements

18 ELLEN WHITE AND CURRENT ISSUES SYMPOSIUM 2006 ELLEN WHITE’S TRINITARIAN STATEMENTS: WHAT DID SHE ACTUALLY WRITE? By Tim Poirier Ellen G. White Estate, Inc. Introduction Certain opponents of the church’s second fundamental belief (“The Trinity”) argue that Ellen White’s supportive statements cannot be trusted as reflecting accurately what she wrote and taught. These persons […]

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9 lutego, 2015

The Defense

One of the greatest proofs of the genuine work of the HOLY SPIRIT is in the opposition that rises up against it! The Defense Large collection of defense articles on Ellen White and the Spirit of Prophecy. M. L. Andreasen Speaks about Ellen WhiteExcerpts transcribed from an actual recorded sermon from 1955. Hear this sermon […]

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21 lutego, 2014

The Church „Fathers” Concerning the Lord’s Day

Analysis of Common Quotations from The Church „Fathers” Concerning the Lord’s Day by Bob Pickle Introduction Five Quotes from the „Didache” „Didache” #2 „Didache” #3 „Didache” #4 „Didache” #5 Didache #1 Ignatius Barnabas Pliny Epistula Apostolorum Irenaeus Introduction The quotations under discussion in this paper can be found posted on a number of web sites. […]

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