9 lutego, 2015

The Defense

One of the greatest proofs of the genuine work of the HOLY SPIRIT
is in the opposition that rises up against it!


The Defense

Large collection of defense articles on Ellen White
and the Spirit of Prophecy.

M. L. Andreasen Speaks about Ellen WhiteExcerpts transcribed from an actual recorded sermon from 1955. Hear this sermon in MP3!

Her Calling and Her Ministry: Her call in her own words, her work, how she worked,  how the testimonies were given, the proper use of the testimonies, her last messages, her final days.

Defending the Spirit of Prophecy:One of the most complete books on the various attacks being made on the validity of the writings.

Ellen White: Critics and Criticism:Parts 1-2 By T. Housel Jemison: Anyone acquainted with the story of Jesus recognizes immediately that He was the object of bitter criticisms. Even a perfect life, an unmarred ministry, could not escape the critics thrust.

Seventh-day AdventismThe Spirit Behind the Church: A Critique of the Jeremiah Films Video: Bob Pickle. (Off site link)

How God Protected Ellen Whites Writings:The manner in which God protects His Inspired Writings, in spite of repeated attacks by the enemy, is incredible.

Searching for Changes in the Testimonies:Answering plainly the charge that the critics are making that: The Testimonies are full of changes, and all those changes have radically changed its meaning. Those changes were made by evil men at the Review office. Ellen White may not have known what was happening.

Did Someone Change E W’s Writings?A response to those who are claiming that others manipulated or changed the books an articles without the knowledge of the author.

The Walter Rea Attack: What is this Walter Rea issue all about? Why is it being done? How should we respond to it?  

The Plagiarism Charge: eBook. Ellen White did NOT Plagiarize Here are the Facts to Prove it!

The Secret Writers Charge: The secret writers theory is fictitious, impossible, and a vicious attack on Ellen White and God.  

Dudley Marvin Canright: Amazing Story: Nearly all detracting material used against Ellen White and her writings came from one source. Learn the Truth about that source!


„There are those who say, „Someone manipulates her writings.” I acknowledge the charge. It is One who is mighty in counsel, One who presents before me the condition of things.” Letter 52, 1906, p. 9. (To Brother and Sister Farnsworth, January 29, 1906.)  1MR30.

„Wherefore then were ye not afraid to speak against my servant?” Numbers 12:8

„Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.”  Psalm 105:15